Atlantic BT renews SSL Certificates once a year, although you can get certificates that last multiple years.

When we begin the SSL renewal process, we email you at least 30 days in advance of the certificate expiration. This ensures there is enough time to deploy the certificate before it expires.

If your domain registration is private, we will ask that you turn this off during the process so the domain's contact information is accessible.

Our SSL renewal email will contain the following information: when the current certificate expires, what type of certificate we will deploy, who will receive the approval email, what the certificate and installation will cost. If you do not want the SSL Certificate or have any questions or concerns, you can reply to this email.

If you do not reply to this email, we will attempt to contact you again via email or phone. After more than 10 days with no response, we will continue the renewal process.

We will send our SSL approval request via email to the address listed as your domain’s contact. This email will contain a link to a website with an SSL approval button. Once you approve this update, we will be alerted to continue the renewal process.

To finish the process, we will deploy the SSL Certificate onto your website then let you know the process is complete. At that point, you can turn your registration privacy back on and view the new expiration date. Our billing department will send you an invoice.