If your site is hosted with Atlantic BT and you need to access your files, we are glad to help.

First, have an authorized user for your website send us a ticket requesting access at support@atlanticbt.com. Next, we will send you the SFTP information in order to connect to your server and access your site files. If you are working with a third party and they need access, you will need to verify they are an authorized user by supplying us with their name and email address. Then they can send us a ticket and we will give them the information.

Whenever we send SFTP credentials to you or an approved party, it will be in an email containing a secure link and directions. This link expires after a specific amount of time, so be sure to use it soon after receiving it (note that opening the email does NOT stop the link from expiring). This ensures your information is encrypted and only the correct person receives them. If your link expires before you can use it, contact us again and we can send another secure link to access your site files.

Your website may have an extra layer of security which only allows specific IP addresses to access your FTP. If this is the case, we will also need the external IP address of the computer(s) you are using to access your site files. There are several ways to finding out your IP address; one of the easiest ways is to visit the website ip4.me and follow their directions. Once we have your IP address, we will whitelist that IP to give you access.