Domain names identify a website (for example, Domain names like yours are registered with Domain Registrars and are renewed every year.

Atlantic BT manages domain names for most of our clients using as our registrar. If we manage your domain name, we have set up a policy that will automatically renew your domain name a month before the registration expires. This ensures you will never lose your chosen domain name for your company. You will always receive an invoice after this renewal, so you do not have to take any steps on your end to make sure you keep your domain name.

Some of our clients have chosen not to be on an automatic renewal schedule. We alert these clients via email at least 30 days in advance of their domain expiring to make sure they want to continue owning that domain name. If they reply that they want to keep it, we will then renew their domain manually and send them an invoice. If the client replies letting us know they do not need that domain name any more, we will let it expire and they will no longer receive a bill for that domain name registration.

If we do not manage your domain name registration, you will need to make sure your Domain Registrar keeps your domain registration current.

If you decide you no longer require a domain name which we manage for you, email us at or fill out a cancellation form at Once we receive your cancellation request, we will make sure your domain name will not be renewed. We will then let you know when the domain name will expire and that it will not be renewed. You will have until the domain name expires to reverse the decision, just in case.